Monday, October 29, 2012

Clergy Shirts for Women Are of Satan!

Bless my mom's heart, she bought me a clergy shirt recently.  I already have one in black and so she felt that I needed a white one.  I was quite excited to receive this impromptu gift because, first, it was from my mom and secondly, I needed another clergy shirt.  However, I am CONVINCED that women's clericals are of SATAN!  They never fit right, they are too doggone hot and just plain unfashionable and uncomfortable!  I am convinced that satan gave some man the idea of creating these hideous garments just like the underwire bra.  Only a man would put wires and plastic in a garment that women have to wear.  If you haven't guessed by now, I am disappointed by the selections that we women clergy have in the way of clericals.

My journey into the clericals land has not been a joyous one.  It is oftentimes frustrating and hopeless.  I try not to wear clericals if at all possible.  However, there are times when I have to put on that torturous garment  that does absolutely nothing for my fashion sense and comfort.  It is an inhumane piece of clothing and I am sure that many of my female colleagues have had the same experience as I.

But wait!!!! Help is on the way my sisters if you are willing to spend a few extra dollars.  I figure that if I spend $54 for one ill-fitting shirt now that I can put another $25-$100 with that $54 to get me a shirt that fits well and looks good.  Here are some companies that I have found.

Stitches of Ayr A company out of Canada that:   Stitches of Ayr aims to "Redesign the Uniform" by bringing modern styling, comfort, and eco-sensitive fabrics to clerical clothing and vestments. The unique styling of our clerical shirts allows for the clergy person to be stylish, comfortable, and approachable, while still maintaining the significance of the clergy collar.   
red womens clergy shirt short womens clergy shirt short sleeve.  These shirts cost $90 each.

Spiritual Apparel ( This company specializes in the custom "Janie" of sorts. The Women's Clerical Bodice is made of a fine, lightweight, pre-washed suiting material that is a Cotton/Polyester/Lycra blend. The fabric moves and breathes comfortably with the body for optimal comfort and wearability.  It comes as a full band collar or as a tab collar.  This item was featured in TLC's, "What Not to Wear" when they featured a woman Episcopalian priest for a make-over.  It is $90.
Casual Priest ( This company is out of Sweden..Lordy, I am going to save to get one of these shirts!
 EVA slim sleeve thunder blue $149 EVA black and they come in a variety of colors!  

Finally, shirts that fit! I am ordering a few of these today and I bind my other shirts in the name of Jesus and toss them back into the pits of hell! 


  1. Okay, the title of this made me laugh out loud! I have a white shell that I do not mind wearing and a blue denim with 3/4 length sleeves. I wear my shirts when conducting "official" duties (funerals, jail visits, some hospital/nursing home visits) or when I need to appear "official" (community meetings, going into a bad neighborhood, door to door evangelism)
    I have a pink long sleeved one, a white and black friar tuck (blah) a white shell, a casual black, a long sleeved black, and the casual denim.
    I saw a dress once on some website...I would wear that in a minute but it was like $150!!!

  2. Nice post, thanks for sharing this wonderful edition.clergy collar available at various web stores for women are actually designed for fashion forward female clergies. Though they are stylish but on the same side offer utmost comfort too.Sides can be fasten with metal studs which will add a classy touch to them.

  3. I cannot believe a discussion about fashion in relation to clerical wear. What does fashion have to do with it? Clerical wear has a purpose, and that purpose its not to make someone look fashionable!!!

    1. MK Bailey-Please tell me what the purpose is of clerical wear? And where does it say in the rule book that I have to try to squeeze my boobs into some gosh-awful men's clerical shirt or walk around looking like a slob because my clothes don't fit? Honestly, if I don't wear vestments then I'm not taken seriously as clergy, and if I do wear vestments then I'm not taken seriously at all! Please, offer me a workable solution and I will try it.

  4. I agree with you Krista! MK Bailey, clericals do serve a purpose, however, God said that I had to preach and not look or be uncomfortable doing it. There is nothing wrong about being fashion aware. Women are always told that they cannot be women as a preacher. Last I looked, God made me a woman with curves, boobs and other things that men don't have. I like to celebrate my femininity. Unfortunately, men want to stick us in garments that are not cut right for our figures. You try squeezing 46DD's into a shirt with no darts or cut for a masculine figure or worse even buying a size too large that makes you look down right sloppy and slovenly. I embrace my curves and until the time I retire from preaching, I will either not wear clericals or make the extra effort and pay the extra prices for clericals that look nice and flatter. Let the church say AMEN!