Thursday, June 4, 2015

Preachers and Reality TV: Ministry or Mess?

First, I watch a few reality shows..... they usually involve some sort of racing contest, fashion competitions or cooking competitions. I really enjoy watching people win something for their efforts. However, there are a few shows that I have watched, very briefly mind you, that have involved the religious community. Most have left a horrible taste in my mouth. It begs to question if it is really a good idea to showcase a preacher's life on television. I am torn between figuring out if airing one's dirty laundry is ministry or a mess. I know that preachers have sins and issues just like everyone else...... hell, I've got my own everyday grown people problems...... contrary kids, health issues, family issues, relationship issues, money issues, car issues. etc....... you get the point, However, is going on television with all of my issues going to hurt or help someone that wants to know God for themselves?

Case in point....... A well known bishop got into an argument with another preacher about his speaking fees..... the question, to paraphrase, was "Will you preach at a church knowing that they couldn't afford what you're asking for?" the answer, to paraphrase "I always ask what they have for the man of God because I have a full staff traveling with me and they would have to be able to afford them too!" SERIOUSLY????? Let's file this one under HURT....Let's move on.......

Case #2....... A well known Gospel singer/Evangelist expressed her disapproval of women being pastors because in her own words, "Men make better leaders." FOR REAL??? That hit me in the gut as a woman and as a pastor. I have enjoyed this woman's music since I was a child and I felt betrayed by her admonition of women pastors...... 2 for HURT and 0 for HELP.

Case #3....... A healthy conversation of love and sex between a pastor and his wife....... this, I concluded was a help. It showed that a  HEALTHY love and sex between preachers and their spouses does exist.... I mean really people, you can't have pk's without doing the do...... 1 for HELP.

These are just a few of the examples and so far the HURT side is winning...... You know what I would like to see? I would like them to show the true reality of a preacher's life..... the intense study, the church planning and budgeting, the early morning and late night emergencies of their congregations, the strategic planning of how to get their car fixed on a low salary, the being the secretary and janitor because their church can't afford either one, the visits to the nursing homes and hospitals....... and I could go on and on. What I would like to see is more ministry and less mess.

However, mess sells......... ministry doesn't........ there's a new reality show highlighting women preachers........ judging by the trailers, that's going to be a mess too.......

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