Friday, May 25, 2012

The Preacher's Kids

I have two daughters, number one and number two. I wil not mention their names because they just might hire a hit man to collect on the insurance money if they knew that I was writing about them. They are 22 and 18 respectively.  I went into the ministry kind of late in life.  I was 36 and they were still high school and junior high.  Boy, I just knew I was going to in for some trouble from them.

I talked to my girls about my calling first and they were really excited.  "Mom's going to be a preacher!" they said.  They hugged me and thanked me for the backstage pass into the "inner circle" of importance. I was concerned though.  Not only had I grown up with plenty of PK's (preacher's kids), but I was the great-granddaughter of a pentecostal bishop! The stories I could tell, but I won't. I evoke my right to plead the FIFTH!  So in knowing this, I could imagine all sorts of trials and tribulations that my children were going to take me through! So I braced myself for the worse.  Yes I did.  I loaded up on Excedrin and prayer and then I sat back and waited for the storm to come.  I just knew some big wave of rebellion, boys, sex and substance (experimentation) was going to engulf me and pull me under drowning me.

Guess what?  It never came.  My girls grew up pretty nomally.  The worse I had to worry about was how much I would let them spend on their prom dresses.  Number One went away to the Army where she met her husband, she got married and had my beautiful granddaughter.  Yes! She got it right and did better than her mom in that department.  Numbe Two graduated high school with no babies and is working and going to fashion school.  They are both happy and well rounded young ladies. 

I am not going to lie and say that everything was always smooth sailing.  There were times when I took a hand to their back sides and there were times after they got older that I sent them to their rooms for a week.  There were times when they tested my patience and there were times when I would just look at them like they were crazy.  Despite those "normal" growing up pains, my girls have always put a smile on my face.  Like the timeNnumber two would hide in the closet and sing a song that she made up, "Where's the little one?' and I would pretend to look for her until she would come out and say, "Here I am!"   Or the time Number One was in JRROTC and had surgery on her leg.  She was on crutches, but WILLED herself to go to school to manage her batallion.  She attained the highest rank in JRROTC as Lt. Colonial. My most proudest moment in both PK's lives was the day that they graduated from high school.

I think that PK's are no different from non PK's.  They have growing pains just like every one else.  Sometimes they fall just like other kids.  They succeed just like other kids.  I think that PK's get a bad rap.  Even I had to change my way of thinking about PK's.

Now, if my girls read this, maybe they won't hire the hit man, but instead smile and be proud that mom is very proud of them both and loves them.......just in case though, I think I had better change my insurance policy! LOL!!!!!

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