Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Robe Blues

I love clothes and fashion.  I love women's clothing and high heels.  I love make-up and hair weave.  I like to get my nails and toes done. I absolutely ADORE jewelry! White gold, sterling silver, diamonds (my birthstone) and platinum are my passion.  I love being a woman.  I love dressing like a woman.  I love being able to preach God's Word as a woman.  At one time in my ministry, I was singing the Robe Blues.

The purpose of a robe is to cover anything that might distract the congregation from receiving God's Word.  That is understandable to me.  However, looking at the selection of robes from different companies, I have found that most are shapeless garments that wouldn't inspire me to wear them.  Upon my first ordination (diaconateorders) in the AME Church, I went to my mentor and mother in the ministry and tried on her robe.  Her robes always looked nice on her, but when I tried one on, it looked like I had dressed up to play a line backer position!  She even agreed that her style of robe did nothing for me.  We went shopping!  Right up my alley! We went to different companies to try on different styles of robes. This is what we discovered. 

Susanna Wesley Robe      The Alb                        The Cassock

The Susanna Wesley style of robe was out of the question.  It made me look way too big (although I am not a small woman) so why add more heavy billowy fabric to make me bigger.  It was hot and I knew that I would sweat my hair out wearing that robe seeing as how nature is giving me hot days with 30 degree temps outside.  I next tried out the Alb style.  Not too bad, but still a shapeless garment that my 97year old grandmother could have put together and she doesnt sew any more. I must admit though, the fabric was lighter and much more able to keep me cooler when my personal summers got out of control.  I settled for the Cassock style.  It was fitted enough to be stylish and light enough that I wouldn't have carry my hair glue bottle around to tighten up my tracks due to sweat. I have settled on the Cassock style for all of my preaching garments.  I am satisfied with how they make me look.  I am covered and I am stylish.

That was almost three years ago since I started on the road to purchasing robes that I would be satisfied with.  In that time, I have found several companies that custom make beautiful robes for women.  My favorite is Bride of Christ Robes.  A very reputable company out of Camden, New Jersy.  The selection of robes for women clergy is dynamite and the prices are reasonable.  They even have high heeled shoes!  Tina Scott is the owner/designer.  Visit her website at: .

Bride of Christ Robes

Finally, no more sing the Robe Blues, as now we fashion conscious women of God have an option to robe up in robes that not only flatter, but still maintain the office in which God has called us to.

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