Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Is the Preacher Doing In The Club?

Last night, I attended the Macy Gray concert with my oldest daughter.  The concert was held on a casino boat inside of a club called, "The Voodoo Lounge." Before I start to hear from those nay sayers in the ministry on what I did, I have a few things to say.

My daughter asked me last week to accompany her to see Macy Gray because she had two free tickets. I did not hesitate to say, "Yes."  I said yes because of these reasons:

  1. I love Macy Gray!
  2. I love my daughter!
  3. I haven't been to see live music in a while.
  4. I love Macy Gray!
  5. I love my daughter!
  6. I wanted to have fun.
  7. I love Macy Gray!
  8. I love my daughter!
Some preachers are so staunch and rigid that if it's not gospel, everything else must be of the devil.  I do not agree with that. I love good music in all genres. As a choir director, listening to all types of music helps me to train my ear on melodies and harmonies to teach my choirs.  I glean something from all music.

Now to address the issue of the club.  SO WHAT!  I was in the club because that is where the concert was.  It was nice and since I don't drink (at least most of the time LOL), I don't see where the venue might be a problem.  Venues are never the problem, the problem is the conduct in which people carry themselves.

I am always aware that I am a preacher of God's Word and in His service. However, I am still Bridget and I enjoy good music and if there is a concert that I want to see, whether it is Hezekiah Walker or Prince, I will be there.  I will be the woman down front shouting, "Hallelujah" or "I love you Prince" at the top of her lungs.

I thank my child for the concert.  I thank her for reminding me why I love music in the first place. I think that some preachers need to lighten up. You can still be a preacher and still enjoy the life that God has blessed you with. You can still minister to those people around you.  Just think, there is a ministering moment in ALL places.

Mint Condition is coming to the Voodoo Lounge next month.  Hmmm, I wonder if she can get free tickets to that also?